For truly amazing results. Let EDM Mastering engineers mix and master your music. Simply upload your stems and let us do the rest. Allowing our engineers to mix and master your music means you can focus on the most important part, the music itself. Sometimes you can waste hours on end trying to find that perfect mix down. With our mix and mastering service you can put your energy into the music. Our engineers have formal qualifications in Audio Engineering and Music Production/Composition. EDM Mastering shares your passion for electronic music, let us partner with you to realize the true potential of your tunes.


Our project cost can vary depending on the quantity of jobs required. We also offer discounts for record labels. Simply contact us for more information.

Hear the difference, and you'll never go back


Our engineers focus on many areas when mastering and mixing your music. Some of these areas include: Overall levels (RMS and Perceived); Frequency Balance; Stereo width, including mono compatibitilty which is essential to club systems; Elimination of unwanted, harsh and unnecessary frequencies; Dynamic range. We also allow for our customers to upload reference material so we know exactly what you're after. Allowing our engineers to perform the mixing stage as well gives us more control over the final sound.

Enjoy some samples below from happy customers. These files move from the pre-mastered/mixed files provided by our customers, to the finished mix and mastered file. This rotates from the pre-mix/master to the final mix/master twice so you get an understanding of the difference in levels, dynamics, clarity and detail between the two files.

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Sample 3:

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EDM Mastering provides you all the online space you need to upload and store your projects. By using our embedded upload utility that goes straight to our storage servers, and into your own secure and private directly, there is no need for file upload websites like YouSendIt or RapidShare that just add to the hassle. Simply signup, and upload!

We'll work our magic on your audio


Simply sit back and relax while our professional engineers are working on your project. We will keep you constantly updated via email at every stage of your project so you know exactly where we are up to, because we know how eager you will be to download your completed project.

Then you can download your polished production


Once EDM Mastering has notified you about your completed project simply, log into your account and download your file. Your files will remain on our storage servers for an extended period of time, so you don't need to worry about ever losing your files until it has been released.

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